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Echelon Ascendancy Released 18 Jan 2013

Echelon: Ascendancy is currently only available on amazon com.  It has been a long awaited start to an incredible book series.

When religious artifacts are stolen from the Vatican Museums by C.O.B.A.L. to be sold to an arms dealer for weaponry and cash, Forest Jacoby and his team of operators are tasked to intercept the meeting, capture the arms dealer, and secure the artifacts. On the surface the mission seems easy but things aren’t what they seem.

Supported by Echelon’s vast resources, these operators are sent around the world to assist in keeping order and dispatching evil doers. They answer to no government nor cower to political nonsense. Their skill is honed, their aim steady.

Echelon: Ascendancy is the first book of the Echelon Series. It will give you a glimpse of the action packed missions Forest Jacoby and his team accomplish at great cost. With their talents being formerly of the US Army, FBI, and CIA, between them, here’s not too much they haven’t seen or done.


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