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Hello!  I am Mitchell Schofield. I have to admit that I really like high-octane, white knuckle action in the books that I read. You know what I’m talking about. Where the hero dodges bullets that are headed right at him from all directions but none seem to hit their mark. The fantastic car chases and gadgets that can seem to do almost anything imaginable. A combination of all that makes a book pretty hard to put down, wouldn’t you say?


I’ve read books very close to a good balance of all of the above but they’re far and few between. Realistically, it’s difficult to maintain that level of action, chaos, and fluidity. I remember one book after another would have a few of the elements, like a great setup but quick action of only a paragraph.

I felt it was put-up or shut-up time so I thought I would write my own book. Those writers inspired me to put my thoughts to paper and see what it is to be an author. Not as easy as it looks. My first attempt is the action packed Echelon Series. I write as a labor of love and enjoy the gratification of a completed work. I hope you experience my dedication to action and adventure through my books as you dive into the action packed Echelon Series beginning with Echelon: Ascendancy.